Sunset Harbor Cruise Enjoyed by Friends of Christopher Columbus Park [Photos]


Another successful WICKED AWESOME sunset cruise for the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park! Many thanks to Boston’s Best Cruises for donating their boat, Voyager III, for this members-only event. The Sunset Harbor Cruise is a wonderful way for members to get together for a perfect evening on the harbor. This mini-fundraiser supports our Columbus Day Celebration in the park, so itʼs a win-win for all of us.

The moment people stepped onto the boat a look of happiness came over their faces. It seemed as though, at least for the next few hours, they were primed to relax and do nothing more than enjoy. No matter whether this meant talking to and making new friends, simply standing on an open area of the deck with the breeze from the boats motion gently blowing, watching the sailing competitions, watching the city glide by and finally seeing a gorgeous sunset over Old Ironsides, everybody was well fed and attended to. It was a highly successful night all around.

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Photos by Meredith Piscitelli.