NEAA Senior Dodgers Post Dominant Regular Season

The NEAA Senior Dodgers have a 21 and under team in the Lou Tompkins All-Star Baseball league. As we approach the end of the regular seasons the Dodgers have clinched first place. The 21u team is 15-1-1 and have been dominant all year. This team won the championship last year and is trying to repeat that feat this year.

The Dodger’s trademark is dominant pitching and air-tight defense. Led by the three headed monster of Greg Bilikas, Vin Lopriore and Ryan Colbert runs have been very tough to come by against the Dodgers. All three have been “Aces” and all three have been unhitable in most of their outings. To help out the strong pitching, the Dodgers play rock-solid defense. The infield of Nick Iudiciani at 3rd, Joan Figueroa at SS, Frank Iudiciani at 2nd and Mike Martignetti at 1st has been as good as it gets. Whether Nicky is back-handing balls or Mike is picking short hops the Dodgers infield defense is 2nd to none. Not to be outdone the Dodgers boast an outfield of three gold glove defenders all who have tremendous speed and rocket throwing arms. With Vin Lopi in left and Bob Mello in center and Rick Martignetti in right very few balls that go in the air ever land anywhere other than in their gloves. Rounding out the Dodgers starting 9 is arguably the most important piece of their juggernaut, the catcher Ryan Carvalho. Carvs is a top-notch defensive catcher who calls a tremendous game. In addition to all he adds in the field Ryan is also a tremendous hitter lacing line drives all over the field and then a threat to steal at any time with his speed.

In addition to the starting nine, the Dodgers also have a very deep bench that has won them many games this year. The Ditomassi brothers James and Jack, Pat O’Donnell and PK Baez have come up with big hits and big plays all year when called on. The Tompkins Dodgers begin their quest for a playoff championship Tuesday July 30th. The final game is Sunday August 4th.