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What a Potty-Full Site on North Margin Street

North End resident, Julie, shares these potty-full photos and story.

Isn’t it pitiful that during the peak tourist season someone in the neighborhood would leave a dirty toilet out on North Margin Street? This has been a sight for sore eyes since this past Saturday. I keep waiting for somebody to come and clear it but as of today’s trash pick-up not only is the toilet still there – people keep adding additional trash bags and piece mail trash. It’s such an embarrassment. I’m assuming that it was taken out of the building on the corner of Cooper/North Margin that’s currently being renovated after the fire. If it is the company should be fined for littering the street and leaving such unsanitary trash out.

Please also note in the foreground of the first picture there is a pile of dog mess. I live in the neighborhood and see the same repeat offenders who let their dogs mess all over the street and have no concern about cleaning it up.

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  1. I lived on North Margin for two years. Discarded toilets and dog feces is nothing new. Sad to see nothing has changed.

    1. Ah, but something HAS changed. We have the power of combined voices forming here. We have these photos. We have this website newsletter to expose this problem and to build the strength of more voices. We have an appeal to others to share information about whom they saw put this out there. We have calls to make to City Hall. We have other neighbors with signatures waiting to sign a simple letter of complaint. We have people who care to speak up and confront this problem. We can think that nothing has changed, or we can be the change.

  2. I also took a photo of this – although the trash inside the container was all over the street on Tuesday. As a new business resident in the North End, I just can’t figure out why this part of town has so many trash problems. I’ve personally had to pick up rubber goves, trash, clothes, empty food containers – just to be sure my clients don’t have to experience the mess when visiting.

    I’ve heard the long-time residents say they too are frustrated as it didn’t use to be like this. Some blame the students; can it be just one group? Students live throughout the city and I walk three miles to get to the office – I’ve yet to see trash like this in any other part of the city.

    Please let me know what I can do to help. Someone needs to start paying more attention to the lack of accountability around trash collection. I’m willing to help in any way I can as I love my office in the North End!

    1. Trash in the North End, is an ongoing challenge.I’m with Ann and Ronda,Social Media and the Mayor’s Office are effective tools,in solving this problem. My call to the Mayor’s office brought immediate results in better trash pick up at the Prado. My next request will be for a total clean up of the leaves that cover the area. Nempac hosts their incredible concerts from the Prado. The venue should be perfect but the leaves and debris, in the fountain detract from the event. Contrast this with the recent Out of the Box Event that went on in 2 locations, for 9 days. Thousands of people visited both locations. Yet, there wasn’t a speck of trash anywhere. No overflowing trash bins or oil cans used for trash bins.

      How did they accomplish this miracle during a severe heat wave? The Powers that be in the North End need to find out. Boston residents have access to incredible free Summer events. They should be enjoyed in a clean trash free environment. Do your part, to keep our North End Neighborhood clean,

  3. As someone who grew up in the north end and frequently returns for a few months a year, I have a well developed love/hate relationship with the neighborhood. This kind of stuff goes in the hate column. It is shameful.

  4. This came from the “junkyard” at the top of wiget st. The apartment building attached to the wild duck liquor store. It was first discarded on wiget st with a bunch of other garbage, when the trash did not pick it up, some Wiget st residents complained to “Eddie” the super of the building (who dumped it there) and it was then moved to N Margin.

    The city always claims that they can only ticket someone if they see or have pictures of people in the act. This spot on N Margin is their secondary dumping spot, whenever you see crap there it’s from them (especially old TV’s). I’ve submitted pictures, emailed, called the mayor’s office and it never stops or even slows down. It’s a disgrace, especially since it is 100% the same person every time.

    1. This is absolutely where the toilet came from. I am also a resident of Wiget Street which is a constant dumping ground for trash from the basement of and alleyway behind the Wild Duck liquor store (although I don’t think the trash is connected to the Wild Duck management, but rather the individual that owns the building). I really don’t understand how the same people who dump the trash live or spend time on the street and it doesn’t bother them. People just have no pride in where they live or respect for their neighbors.

      I have seen everything from couches to old TVs, random pieces of plywood and building materials, toilets and dead birds (yes, dead birds) dumped on non-trash pick up days. But I guess it doesn’t matter what day these things are dumped since the items are too large to be removed by regular trash service.

      It is so frustrating. I love living in the North End but really can’t stand all of the trash.

      1. Just wanted to follow up that I have contacted the mayor’s office several times as well to report the trash dumping and was also told that nothing can be done unless an individual is caught in the act. I was also surprised that although I was told that they would send someone to collect the trash it took several days after it was reported for the trash to be removed. It is a bad impression to give visitors to our city!

        1. Yup, that’s exactly where it came from. That building was condemned a couple years ago, yet there are still people coming and going from it all the time.

  5. As a longtime resident, business owner, and someone who cares, I must say, the majority of this trash is from the younger people, students and recent grads just starting their careers. This is not speculation , I have seen it. These “transients” could care less about our neighborhood or any neighborhood they invade and trash. Their parents are so happy to get rid of them that they will pay any amount for an apt. They raised these privileged pigs and now we’re stuck with them. Shame on the absentee landlords who could give a s**t about the North End and who they rent to.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree!
      when I first contemplated moving here 6 years ago, I was very leary of being perceived as an “outsider”. Yet, to my surprise here is what I found:
      The people that have been called “lifers” and not friendly to outsiders are very warm and welcoming if they see you around and being part of the ‘hood.
      As someone who immediately cared and greeted, took the time to get involved, etc.I was noticed and embraced as a good person.
      If you plug your iPod ™ into your head and put a miserable face on your your self-entitled puss, don’t take the time to greet anyone, or support local businesses, and head to your job in the Financial District and do the same on the way home…..NO. You are not participating or caring about where you live.
      Likewise….if you are one of the people described above, you don’t give a sh*t about your neighborhood or take the time or attention to know when trash times are, so you simply put it out whenever the f*ck you want.
      Botttom line: Those of us who love and care about this wonderful neighborhood know and understand the problems. It’s not just about yuppies and locals and students. It’s about giving a damn or not.
      Please!……If more of us just gave a damn, this neighborhood would be a jewel!
      Thanks for reading.

      1. very nice. You are right. I have befriended many “outsiders” who were nice and showed that they did care about our North End.

    2. I am completely offended by this comment as I am a grad student living in the area for the past year and have taken care of my apartment/surrounding neighborhood with much care and respect. I am paying my rent on my own and would like to be considered part of the community and not a “privileged pig”, If I knew which business you owned I would no longer give you my business.

      This problem cannot be blamed just on one group and everyone should take responsibility for cleaning up their respective streets. Something does need to be done because I prefer walking around other parts of the city with less trash then my own neighborhood.

      1. too bad that youre offended. If you care about the North End, then my comments were not directed to you. It’s directed to those that dont care. Sleep with a clear head “offended” if you arent one of these self entitled pige.

        1. I think we can all agree that since all of us are reading this blog- we’re engaged with the community and respect the N. End. Let’s be clear that the trash problem isn’t a matter of age. I lived in the North End in my 20s and now 30s and have never littered on the streets or turned my nose up at the locals. There are too many self important people in this world and they can be 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 80 and they’ll always show disregard for their community because they’re simply too lazy to clean up after themselves. Let’s stop generalizing and pointing fingers and work together to clean up the streets and make them safe and enjoyable for residents and tourists alike.

          1. I agree with JD I have said the same thing for years~~~New people are here and will be from now on !!
            We have to have a mutual agreement society !

            1. Sorry, I know the old song says, Mutual Admiration Society, but, I think
              Agreement and Admiration goes Hand in Hand !!!!

  6. I am also a Wiget Street resident and I can confirm that this trash originated at the building behind Wild Duck liquors. That building is a disgrace to the neighborhood. The city does absolutely nothing about it.

  7. Salem St. Guy Rambo is on vacation at the moment and will not be back until August 6th to deal with all the mothers in the neighborhood. Hope you can join them.

    1. I’m not sure if i should take that as a threat, but its ok I will make sure to bring batman with me at least he doesn’t kill people.

      1. SALEM ST. GUY



  8. There is major construction going on at the Cooper Street location, is there any chance this toilet bowl

    might have come from that location?

    1. No, 100% not from cooper st, it’s the building behind Wild Duck. A construction company wouldn’t do something so foolish to jepoardize shutting down working or fines fees etc. They gutted that whole building, that’s tons of materials to dispose of, why would they leave 1 toilet behind.

  9. I really don’t understand why no. End landlord is getting ‘thumbs down’ on his or her comment. They are correct in their statement. If we don’t do anything about what is happening with the trash, these people will keep doing it…. So why the thumbs down people?????

  10. The trash gods have heard our collective complaints and took the toilet away! Seeing it gone was the best part of my day.

    1. Ah, strength in numbers. And the trash gods do listen. People, in general, do listen. Folks just need to know the power of their voice and which way to direct it. Thanks for this, Julie.

  11. GRD,

    I believe you, and I am truly glad it is not coming from the Construction Site, but I have seen constructions sites
    get away with quite a bit. There is a lot of construction going on in the No. End right now, and I haven’t
    seen 1 permit outside of these particular locations.

    I know someone who lives in the Strada and they told me there was construction going on at 5 a.m. on a
    Sunday morning and I found that really shocking.

  12. Here we are a week later; today I took a different approach. I swept my corner after the trash collector came.
    Maybe we should all take a few minutes a few times a week to take a broom to our corner of the North End?
    It would be a good start to creating a positive movement to creating what we want for the a part of town we love.

    I am also willing to host a meeting, form a committee, whatever it takes to create the action needed to make the difference in bringing the north end back to what I hear from all of you “long-timers” was spotless.

    In the meantime, try and create the difference on your own corner…

    p.s. thanks to the Northend Waterfront for bringing attention to the trash situation…

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