7 Replies to “Think We Need More Barrels?

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! We need many more trash cans I have trash left out on my stoop almost every night – there is not a trash can within two blocks of my place – and that’s even I you know where to look. It’s unbelievable!

  2. One reason that the barrels fill up so quickly is that certain people routinely use them for household trash. The addition of more barrels has the potential to make it more convenient for this element. In New York, public trash receptacles are posted with the (large) fine for depositing household trash and this is followed up with enforcement. This is an approach worth considering. Otherwise, we will just end up with more overflowing barrels throughout the neighborhood.

  3. There are trash barrels that are covered on top so that household trash can not fit.

    Also, the same for recycles. Big Bellies take up a lot of space. There is also a need for more smoke poles.
    Cigarette butts are everywhere!

  4. My grandkids and I were counting all the cigarette butts on Hanover St. while we were walking from the fountains and noticed the abundance of these in the street. Yuck! It is disgusting!

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