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North End Chamber of Commerce Holds Kickoff Meeting With New Slate of Officers and Board Members [Video]

The North End Chamber of Commerce (NECC) hosted its first major meeting of the year and introduced a new slate of 2013 officers and board members. The NECC meeting was held on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at the Saint Leonard Parish Hall.

(00:00 in video) New NECC President Donna Freni welcomed the business community and announced that Chamber meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each month, 3:30 pm at Saint Leonard Parish Hall. The NECC will also establish a staffed office at 256 Hanover Street, Suite 8 (Phone: 617-227-2452).

(07:00) Vice President Toni Gilardi introduced the new officers and board members, all of whom are volunteers.

(09:30) In addition to a Treasurer’s report, Chris Young announced a clean-up pilot program and plans for a fundraising drive, titled “Pot of Gold.” A membership campaign will also reach out to neighborhood businesses. There are currently 160 NECC members.

(14:30) Vice President Josh Resnek spoke about plans for promoting the North End through taxi tops, television and a Hanover Street kiosk.

  • (19:00) Comcast TV advertising opportunities
  • (23:00) Taxi Tops promotion by Overdrive Media

(28:15) Plans to update the NECC website by VP Josh Resnek and Board Member Jose Duarte

(29:30) Board Member and Legal Counsel Bill Ferullo explained the mission of the NECC.

(38:30) An open discussion included comments by Chairman Frank DePasquale (41:30) and City Councilor Sal LaMattina (53:15) on relevant business issues including competition from the Seaport, moratoriums, parking, restrictions, valets and franchise/chain openings in the neighborhood.

North End Chamber of Commerce 2013 Officers

  • Chairman – Frank DePasquale, DePasquale Ventures
  • President – Donna Freni, Sysco Boston, LLC
  • 1st Vice President – Josh Resnek, GlobeX Services & Solutions, LLC
  • 2nd Vice President – Toni Gilardi (NEWNC Liaison), Elite Boston Landmark Realty
  • 3rd Vice President – Phil Orlandella, Regional Review
  • Treasurer – Christopher Young, MSA Mortgage
  • Secretary – Ron LeDuc, DePasquale Ventures
  • Recorder – Tara Shea, Cocoanuts

Additional 2013 NECC Board Members:

  • Gerald Riccio, Gennaro’s 5 North Square
  • Miguel Gomez-Ibanez, North Bennet Street School
  • Lina Buttiri, Century Bank
  • Salvatore DiGirolamo, The Wild Duck Wine & Spirits
  • Jose Duarte, Taranta
  • Guy Martignetti, Salumeria Italiana
  • Joe Bono, Al Dente & Benevento’s
  • Damien DiPaola, Carmelina’s & Vito’s
  • Bill Ferullo, Law Offices of William G. Ferullo

Legal Counsel – Bill Ferullo
Chaplain – Father Antonio Nardoianni

View the above video for the complete presentations and discussion at the meeting.

5 Replies to “North End Chamber of Commerce Holds Kickoff Meeting With New Slate of Officers and Board Members [Video]

  1. Nice to see some new blood in the chamber adding to the mix of the restaurants. Thank you for your service to the North End business community.

  2. With all due respect to Frank D….I love each and every one of his restaurants. But you cannot compare the the North End and the Seaport when it comes to issues like licensing and expansion. The North End is, first and foremost, a place for people to LIVE and raise a family. That’s not the case with the Seaport…not an apples to apples comparison.

  3. RESTRICTIONS What restrictions are there? The neighborhood has been lost for years and
    the problems have only increased. All these restaurant owners who complain
    about restrictions, where do they live? They do not live in the heart of the city, as all of us know
    it. Yes, some live above their restaurants, some live across the street from their restaurants,
    and some don’t even live in the city. Mr. Levensen is so right, this is a neighborhood. The
    City is now in the process of building schools for our children, there shouldn’t be a restaurant
    owner in the neighborhood complaining about restrictions, especially when parents are looking
    to send their children to school here. We, who complain about noise, trash, etc. we live in
    the heart of the city, and if any owner finds it embarrassing to go in front of neighborhood
    committees, maybe He or She should go back where they came from, and it is definitely not the No. End.
    This neighborhood always had restaurants and the restaurant owners cared about their
    neighbors. There should never be any resident who should have to suffer for any restaurant
    owner’s success. I didn’t hear “1” restaurant person mentioning the rat situation down here.
    There isn’t a restaurant owner suffering from lack of money. If you want to know about
    restrictions, ask Beacon Hill, they’ll tell you plenty and all the restaurants are very successful
    in that area, without the madness we have. All you No. End restaurant owners are extremely successful one way or another,
    if it isn’t a restaurant, then it is real estate. If the Seaport or any other part of the city should
    take away some of your restaurant business, count your blessings that you have real estate
    property to fall back on. Don’t worry guys, you will never be able to spend the money you already have. You earned it and you deserve it, but don’t try to step on the residents along
    the way.

  4. As a resident that owns a sm business, i’m excited to see a more unified chamber with efforts to clean and work with the other groups. I think a lot of folks think the other groups represent them, but they really just represent themselves. so it makes sense for proud business owners to represent themselves in a positive way to promote the neighborhood

    1. csj Let us not forget this is a neighborhood like Mr. Levensen said. I am extremely
      happy for everyone who has a business and wish them all the success in the
      world, but not at anyone else’s expense. I am sure Tony Robbins would not
      appreciate his name being mentioned to benefit businesses and possibly hurt
      residents. We all want these business people to make enough money to support
      their families and their life styles, we just do NOT want to
      have any residents who have lived in this neighborhood
      all their lives to have sacrifice anymore of their quality of
      life. I do not think that is too much to ask for. The
      Chamber of Commerce should be trying to reach out
      to the residents and try to make this a better place for
      all, not just the businesses or the residents. It is called
      team effort. There should never be division between
      the businesses and the residents, it wasn’t like this
      years ago and there is no reason why it can’t be like
      this now. I am more than positive that Tony Robbins
      would agree with me. Good luck with your small business.

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