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Terror Precautions and Auto Thefts / Larcenies Discussed at Public Safety Meeting [Video]

Video: North End Public Safety Meeting, May 2, 2013 at the Nazzaro Community Center with Boston Police District A-1

District A-1 Boston Police Captain Thomas Lee and Officer Teddy Boyle hosted the May 2013 North End Public Safety meeting. After the recent Marathon bombings, residents expressed great appreciation for the efforts of the Boston Police and first responders. Both Lee and Boyle were at the scene when the bombs went off. They discussed how the Boston Police will address security at upcoming gatherings to deter terrorist threats. In the North End, the largest gathering happen at the summer feasts. There was an extended conversation about cameras on the streets. Captain Lee also offered tips and ideas on how residents can help protect themselves in the future.

Crime statistics review for the last 30 days (21:30 in video)

District A-1 crime incidents are down 25% year-to-date versus the same period last year. A death investigation is ongoing regarding a homeless man that was pulled out of Boston Harbor near Long Wharf and Christopher Columbus Park. After being allegedly pushed in by another homeless man, the victim subsequently died at Mass. General.

The North End has seen a tick up in auto thefts as well as several incidents of larcenies from motor vehicles. Police discussed two recent breaking & entering incidents and a late night assault of a Coast Guard officer. In the Q&A, a resident also asked about the report of a registered sex offender at the Spaulding Rehab and Nursing Center on Fulton Street.