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North End Beautification Committee Kicks Off Pilot Program to Clean North End Streets

The North End Beautification Committee has installed flower planters on Cross Street at the Gateway to the North End between Hanover & Salem Streets across from the Greenway. Flowers coming soon! (NEBC Photo)

The following news comes from the North End Beautification Committee.

The North End is one of Boston’s busiest districts, thanks to all the wonderful restaurants, cafés, shops and historic points of interest including the Freedom Trail, Old North Church, Paul Revere’s House, and Copp’s Hill Cemetery.

The North End Beautification Committee (NEBC) has developed a 12 week pilot program that will kick off on Memorial Day weekend. This pilot program will partner with Work, Inc. and Boston Public Works to beautify the streets throughout the North End. The primary goal of this program is to collect any litter on the sidewalks and street curbs and also to clean and wipe down the Big Belly Trash containers.

NEBC has hired two gentleman to kick off this pilot program beginning Memorial Day weekend. The hours that are designated for the cleanup are four hours on Saturday and four hours on Sunday. Memorial day weekend we scheduled Work, Inc. on Saturday 8:00am-Noon, Sunday 8:00am-Noon and Monday 8:00–Noon. If you see these gentleman working, please feel free to say hello and thank them for a job well done!

NEBC would like to thank MSA Mortgage Company and the North End Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring this pilot program.

In addition, the NEBC has worked with the Greenway Conservancy and City Councilor Sal LaMattina to install flower planters on Cross Street Plaza this weekend. Soon to come … tables and chairs!

The North End Beautification Committee is Allison Seavey, Dave Grant, Stephen Passacantilli and Patricia Thiboutot. Contact them at if you would like to donate or volunteer.

11 Replies to “North End Beautification Committee Kicks Off Pilot Program to Clean North End Streets

  1. I like that this organization gets things done! Thank you, I look forward to seeing the difference on the streets. Matt, can you post an address for donations? It would be great to keep this funded for the summer.

  2. Thank you FOTNEP for the 1000 pansies in the tree pits and the Prado. Thank you NEBC for the concrete planter boxes.
    We need to remove most of the bollards from the cross street plaza because it still looks like it belongs to cars.
    We need to plant these new planter with wonderful flowers and plants.
    I look forward to tables and chairs.
    I will offer to paint the concrete planter boxes to look more attractive.
    It takes a village to show we care.

    1. Yes, Nathan, it takes a Village to show we care.
      Be on the lookout for flowers in the planters which were given to us by the Greenway Conversancy.
      Patricia Thiboutot on behalf of the NEBC Committee

  3. The NEBC is a great way to help the North End remain a beautiful place to live and visit. I will support this effort as a corporate sponsor.
    Thomas Gioia
    Four Winds Bar and Grill

    1. This could be the most disingenuous remark I’ve ever heard. I searched this site to see if four winds was included in the many, many lists of donations to local (or any) charity contributed by our neighborhood business owners. I found no records of any donations by 4 winds.
      Now that he needs neighborhood approval for his karaoke and dj license (even though he was doing it without a license anyway), all of a sudden, he’s mr. generous corporate sponsor and wants everyone to know about it.

    2. Thank You, Mr. Goia, for your kind remarks regarding the NEBC’s efforts to keep the North End a beautiful place to live and visit. Our street sweeping is a Pilot Program for 12 weekends thanks to generous donations. In order to continue this effort and to implement other projects we can only accomplish these efforts through donations and sponsorships.
      All inquires can be made to: North End Beautification Committee, 100 Fulton St., 4V, Boston, MA 02109
      Patricia Thiboutot on behalf of NEBC.

  4. I saw two fellows accompanied by a friendly young lady, all in bright green t-shirts sweeping and cleaning Hanover Street this morning. What a great sight to see! I stopped to ask about them and compliment the great work. Super friendly response and they were getting a lot done.
    Thank you all so much!

    1. Maybe we can get Bova’s to hire someone to clean up within 100ft of Prince & Salem intersection on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

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