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Jigsaw Picture Puzzle – Tulips in North Square

Now that May is here, we’ve moved on from daffodils to tulips. The circle of red tulips is currently creating quite a display in North Square shown here in front of the Mamma Maria restaurant. Enjoy solving this jigsaw picture puzzle with 50 pieces! (Hints in the lower left of the puzzle). Post your time in the comments!

(Photo by Matt Conti)

One Reply to “Jigsaw Picture Puzzle – Tulips in North Square

  1. 4.30 min~~it’s been a slow morning ! This was my old stomping grounds ! Loved it Matt~~~he only place I was allowed to play, because my mother could see me from the window at 190 North Street. ~~3 rd floor. Of course, then it was called~~~The Keyhole !

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