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Boston Herald: “Condo Parking Flap Frosts Zdeno Chara”

Zdeno Chara holding the Stanley Cup at Union Wharf in 2011

Zdeno Chara, Boston Bruins captain and longtime North End resident, made the Herald’s Inside Track column about a complaint letter sent to fellow Union Wharf condo owners.

“Our family really enjoys this building, people and location where we live,” Chara wrote. But, he added, he has had “numerous issues with our parking lot. How many times have you experienced, as I have, that there is no space available to park, forcing you to park on the other side (garbage side) of the parking lot or far away from your townhouse? This can be very uncomfortable or frustrating late at night, in rainy or cold weather and also when carrying groceries.” But word from Union Wharf is that not all of his neighbors are on board. “It’s the city,” sniffed one. “Your car is constantly going to get dinged. Anyway, he should be worrying about hockey, not his car.”

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11 Replies to “Boston Herald: “Condo Parking Flap Frosts Zdeno Chara”

  1. the resident who made chara’s letter public is certainly a little man/woman. the guy was trying to find a solution in private.

  2. This is a better response than most athletes. Sounds like he wants to have a building meeting like any regular person would. He’s not pulling a “do you know who I am” and demanding special treatment.

  3. How ridiculous to say he should worry about hockey, not parking. What do you do for a living? Manager at Old Navy maybe? Well, surely you should worry about folding your jeans and marking down your tank tops rather than worrying about your neighbor’s perfectly reasonable parking peeve and how it affects his family’s safety. Chara’s got some nerve to live off the ice for a single moment.

  4. “It’s the city”. Yeah, pretty sure if that person’s car gets dinged, holy hell gets raised. But since it’s Chara, no biggie, deal with it.

    1. the whole “city” argument is moot – they have a private lot. what’s the difference between a private lot in the city vs. in the burbs. being a bad driver or a jerk knows no location.

  5. He has every right to be upset as are many others in the condo association. It seems a certain arrogant, public relations, legend in his own mind guy who does ding everyone’s cars is behind letting this private letter out!
    Guess who?

  6. Union Wharf is one of the jewels of the waterfront and I feel very lucky to live here. Z is 100% correct, however, the parking situation gets worse every day and no one seems to care. Transient renters take all the spots. The board doesn’t care either since some of them don’t live here either and just look out for themselves. It’s a shame that Chara had to resort to his letter. I only hope someone is listening.

    1. If you live in the city or you park in a parking lot, your car will get dinged. That’s the reason why, unless you own a space w/ no cars on either side of you, having an expensive car doesn’t really make sense.

      I think Z is a great player but it sounds a bit whiny to me.

  7. It’s hard to sympathize with his parking concerns as a North Ender with no parking space (try driving around for 30-45 minutes looking for a spot because all the spots are taken by visitors/construction on a Bruins home game night…great fun), but the guy who leaked the letter is d-bag. When dealing with a private parking lot it’s not a public issue, so he is only complaining to the people who also pay for the priviledge of parking there. It may come off as whiny but I’m sure he pays a good amount to live there.

    1. North End/South End…if I pay over a mil for a condo and I have private parking and I have to deal with even one ding, im pissed. Cant blame the guy. My resident sticker comes with a ding card. Comes with the territory. Private lot? WTF every time.

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