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Ristorante Limoncello, AS Roma Club of Boston and “Street Corner Society” in the March 2013 Bostoniano

In the March 2013 issue of Bostoniano magazine, we found some new articles related to the North End.

James Pasto revisits “Street Corner Society,” the famous sociological study of the North End by William Foote Whyte:

About halfway through his stay in the North End, Whyte married Kathleen King, and the two moved to a new apartment at 477 Hanover St. Their first child, Joyce, was born while they lived there — so she is a North Ender of sorts. During the second portion of his study, Whyte studied patterns of bookmaking in the North End, as well as the social interactions in what he called the “Cornerville S & A Club,” i.e., the Hanover Associates. Finally, Whyte got to know the Langone family; he was on friendly terms with Joe II and Tina, along with their children and friends. Read more.

Michele McPhee tells the story of Maurizio Badolato and Ristorante Limoncello:

One of Maurizio’s scratch tickets, bought at my favorite corner store, the appropriately-named Connah on Hanover Street, was a winner. A one-million-dollar winner. Maurizio called his mother first. She cried. He toyed with the idea of returning to his native Calabria to live on the beach and drink espresso all day while his winnings lasted. But luckily for those of us who love his meatballs, he opened Limoncello instead right on the Freedom Trail. Read more.

Lauren Forcucci writes about the AS Roma Club, now owned by North End native James Pallotta, and the Boston club that has spurred local interest in the soccer team:

Mr. Rizzo conveyed the admiration they have for AS Roma, the new owners and the desire to assist in reaching out more to the Boston community. “The goal is to bring more recognition to the AS Roma Club,” said Mr. Rizzo. “During the season, our club meets to watch games together at Caffé Dello Sport. All Roma fans are invited to attend.” Read more

The free monthly magazine is available at 20 locations in the North End, as well as throughout the Greater Boston area. The unique Italian American cultural content is also available on the website,

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  1. As true son of the North End,born in 1932 at 454 Hanover street.,I enjoy the North End Site. My sister Dolly still lives there and my brother Louis ,past president of the Sulmona club Is a fixture at the club.Thanks for keeping me abreast of what is happening there.

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