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Billy Tse Restaurant Receives Unanimous Support from Neighborhood Council for Outdoor Sidewalk Seating [Video]


Video: March 11, 2013 meeting of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) considering the request of Billy Tse Restaurant, 240 Commercial St. for outdoor sidewalk seating.

Billy Tse Restaurant at 290 Commercial St. received the full support of the Neighborhood Council, NEWNC, in a vote of 8-0 favor of a plan for outdoor seating on the sidewalk in front of the establishment.

Operating since 1996 at the location, Mr. Tse said he wants to put out 10 tables, each with 2 seats, for 20 seats total to offer food and drinks outside. Hours of operation will remain the same with a 12:00 am midnight closing, 7 days per week, although the patio may close earlier. The outdoor seating would be seasonal from April 1st through October 31st.

The use of a public sidewalk requires approval by the Boston Public Improvement Commission, including input from several municipal agencies. The restaurant will also seek an amendment to its current all-alcohol beverage license for the additional seating.

The Residents’ Association voted 18-19 to oppose this same request on March 14, 2013. NEWNC and NEWRA are advisory to city officials. The Public Improvement Commission will make the final determination and a PIC hearing is currently scheduled for March 20, 2013.