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Maria’s Pastry Shop Wins Cannoli Crown at The Phoenix

Phoenix Cannoli
The Phoenix Crowns the King of Hanover (Photo copyright Janice Checchio)

If you live in or around the North End, you probably get tired of the endless “best cannoli” debate … or do you?

The latest “Holy Cannoli” roundup comes from The Phoenix and includes newcomer, Thinking Cup. The newest cafe on the block made it clear they wanted to compete in the cannoli wars. Also included in this particular comparison was Mike’s Pastry, Modern Pastry and Maria’s Pastry Shop.


Carly: “A was pretty good, but it was also the first one we tried, so it has an unfair advantage. It definitely wasn’t B for me; B was the one that kind of fell out. I’m going to go with C.”
Jackie: “This is so difficult! All I know is that it’s not B. I think I have to say A.”
Thomas: “If I had to eat them every day, it would definitely be C for me.”
S.I.: “I still like D best. It definitely had a great crust.”

Read more at the Phoenix.

So goes another cannoli contest. Oddly enough, the article intended to “crown the King of Hanover” but Maria’s is actually on Cross Street. Also worth noting is that several North End cannoli favorites were not included, among them including Bova’s Bakery and 2012 Best of Boston winner Caffe Paradiso.