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BBJ: Boston Museum Has “Given Up the Ghost”

Boston Museum – March 2012 rendering on the Greenway’s Parcel 9 (RFP Photo)

Putting the final nail in the coffin of a Boston Museum, the non-profit group behind the proposed contemporary history museum has decided to disband, according to a report by Thomas Grillo in the Boston Business Journal.

“We’ve given up the ghost,” said Frank Keefe, the museum’s CEO, who was emotional over the decision. “The board has decided that we ought to quit. Life goes on.”

The Boston Museum was originally designated for the North End’s ramp Parcel 12 on the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway across from North and Fulton Streets. However, the non-profit decided that building over the ramps would to be too difficult and expensive.

More recently, the Boston Museum switched course with a $120 million proposal as part of the competitive bidding process for Parcel 9 near Haymarket. But recently, the State’s transportation department has narrowed the field to two other bidders, all but eliminating hope for the museum project that raised about $7 million to date. (See “Haymarket Square Hotel” and “Blackstone Market” Selected for Parcel 9 Best and Final Offer Round)

Read the full article at the Boston Business Journal.


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    1. Why do we keep building on the “Green”way. It seems to be coming the build way! Keep it Green, trees, grass, and plants.

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