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First Snow of 2013 – January 16, 2013 [Photo Slideshow]

It’s the first significant snow of 2013! A few iPhone pics from me along Commercial Street, Denise Clancy captures the Gassy, Patricia Reddington on the waterfront, the Prado shared by Maria Shea and Christopher Columbus Park photos from Joanne Hayes-Rines. Email your photos to and I will add them to the slideshow.

2 Replies to “First Snow of 2013 – January 16, 2013 [Photo Slideshow]

  1. Matt, and yet again~~You out-did yourself !!!!
    These photos are absolutely gorgeous !!!
    Let’s take a minute to enjoy the Beauty of our Great City !!

  2. Beautiful pictures Matt. You caught our neighborhood at a moment when those of us who were not up and about that early really appreciate what you do. Thanks Matt job well done.

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