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Bostoniano, Boston’s Italian American Voice, Now a Free Printed Magazine Available in the North End

There is a new Italian American magazine in town, Bostoniano! The name may sound familiar because it comes from the creator of the blog / website, published by Nicola Orichuia.

Using the tag line, “Boston’s Italian American Voice,” the free monthly magazine dropped off its first issue this week to 20 locations in the North End, as well as throughout the Greater Boston area.

Fortunately for the online community, the unique Italian American cultural content is also available on the website,

The first issue features several articles and columns about Boston’s North End, including the stories linked below.

“Home of My Heart” by James Pasto

I grew up in a small Italian village on the East Coast of the United States. At least, that is how I think of growing up in Boston’s North End. Read more.

“North End Institution Angelo Cattaneo of Caffe Dello Sport” by Stefano Salimbeni

Angelo Cattaneo seems to have made all the right choices early in life — or a least the ones he sticks to. His wife of 55 years, Rosita, to start with; his neighborhood, the North End of Boston, where he has been living no-stop since 1962; even the choir he sings in, the one at St. Leonard Church. Read more.

“Soccer and Society in Boston” by Lauren E. Forcucci

Benevenuto! The beautiful game is more than just a game. It’s a magnificent display of social, cultural and national identity. Read more.

“A Song of the Streets of Boston” by Michele McPhee

Listening to Italians debate, about who makes the best espresso (Some say Wy, the Chinese American who has worked behind the counter at Hanover Street’s Caffé Paradiso for decades. Others insist that only an Italian can make a truly Italian espresso and opt for the Café Napoli on Salem Street.) is like listening to a song of the streets. Read more.

Ed: Congratulations to Nic on getting Issue #1 on the streets! Creating a printed monthly magazine along with the website is a monumental achievement. I will be looking forward to each monthly issue and wish Bostoniano great success with the new venture!

Check out all that has to offer.

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  1. Came across your magazine at the hairdresser, and enjoyed reading all the articles and
    recipies. I live in Shrewsbury (Worcester County) and would like to know if I can obtain
    your magazine in our area?

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