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$1000 North End Bro Pad, Unofficial Roof Access, 420 Friendly, Rowdy on Weekends, All in Good Fun

I am going out on a limb and saying these North End residents on Noyes Place (at Salem Street) are not in favor of the proposed Nuisance Control Ordinance.

$1000 Huge North End Bro Pad

1 bed available in a 4 bed apartment. Amazing apartment!!!! 2 floors, 2 living rooms, wrap around couch, surround sound, big screen, free hbo and showtime! unofficial roof access with a great view of the city. A small private allyway attached to the room. granite counters and bathrooms. It is huge and amazing. 3 roommates. 23,23, and 25. 420 friendly, football, the house can get rowdy on weekends but all in good fun.

Interested in pledging the fraternity? Found on Craigslist. (Update: Ad was deleted by its owner.)

I’m sure trash is never a problem here because there are granite counters and free HBO! In case you don’t read the personals, here is what “420 friendly” means.

Reminds me of one of my favorite movies … do I hear …. T – O – G – A!

22 Replies to “$1000 North End Bro Pad, Unofficial Roof Access, 420 Friendly, Rowdy on Weekends, All in Good Fun

  1. Hilarious!

    Describes much of the North End these days but you don’t see it advertised like that.

  2. I guess this unit will be getting alot of fines. We are trying
    to quiet down the neighborhood and if they can be this
    defiant to place this ad, what fun we are going to have
    giving out the fines, I can’t wait.

    I only hope that fines will be there only problem and they
    don”t cause a Riot in the neighborhood with those
    that are not in favor of this behavior.

  3. i am sure a lot less illegal activity happens in this apartment than does in most of the “social clubs” in this neighborhood, but i digress.

    1. Hi me, Please make sure you report anyone of these
      people that are in these social clubs that are urinating
      in doorways, off rooftops, vandalism on properties and
      having sex in the doorways.

      Please find out if any one of them are doing such
      disgraceful acts, and report them..

    1. So…let me get this straight. we’re supposed to look the other way at kids pissing off of rooftops and throwing bottles at cops?

    2. Boston got picked in 2011 for the drunkest city in the U.S.
      The Mafia did not have anything to do with that report.
      There isn’t anyone who is condoning what the Mafia or
      anyone else who is breaking the law is doing.
      The Neighborhood has never been crazy or out of control
      since the students moved in & these young groups of
      people flocking our streets. The streets are filthy and
      we have trash pick-up 3 times a week. There are empty
      bottles of liquor all over our streets. You don’t have to
      listen to me, ask our Clergy what they have to contend
      with, and even better, ask the Boston Police how difficult
      theirs jobs have been. If the Mafia infiltrated this
      neighborhood years ago, it was never as noisy or filthy as
      it is now. There are people loolking to bring their
      children up in this neighborhood and they don’t want to
      deal with these noisy parties either.

  4. i have lived in this neighborhood for nearly a decade and i have never seen anyone pissing off rooftops or throwing bottles at police. i have a strong suspicion that these particular events are few and far between.

    every single summer at the mirabella pool, however, i see a lot of loud, obnoxious, uncivil, profane people who smoke, play loud music , and start fights. guess what? these people are not the young professionals in the area. lets see some of you people actually accept this fact.

    also, i see a lot of people illegally blocking handicap spaces all year long and also a lot of able-bodied appearing people with handicap place cards. guess what? these people are not the young professionals either.

    people in this neighborhood are so stuck in the past and hypocritical.

    1. great points, the handicap permits/parking is a joke. over on cooper and endicott more cars have handicap placards with the faces and names covered up than cars without!

    2. I have lived in this neighborhood for three decades and see people pissing off of roofdecks, throwing bottles off of roof decks, throwing shoes off of roofdecks, pissing in doorways and in the middle of the street (including young women who think it is OK to drop their pants and squat in the middle of the street,) puking in doorways , screwing in doorways. These people have no respect for themselves or their neighborhood. The LOUD SUMMER DAYTIME HAPPENINGS AT THE MIRABELLA POOL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LOUD DRUNK OBNOXIOUS YOUNG PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT JUST BECAUSE THEY MOVED HERE THEY CAN DO WHAT EVER THE HELL THEY WANT AND THUMB THEIR NOSE AT EVERYONE ELSE AND WAKE EVERYONE UP AT 3AM. BET THEY WOULD NOT PULL THIS NONSENSE IN THE SUBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD WHERE MUMMY AND DADDY LIVE. if you grow up and show respect for your neighbors and neighborhood than maybe people would not think you suck.

      1. what is your opinion about teenagers from a certain ethnic group flooding the north end, especially during the summer months, that proceed to also make a mess of the neighborhood? they can often be found behind the hockey arena and around the baseball fields partaking in highly questionable activities. let me guess, you think these are all good boys and girls visiting grandma?

        the single ethnic group versus everyone else in is this neighborhood has made life worse, not better for everyone. attitudes really need to change because this neighborhood has changed and is not returning to be all italian not all irish or jewish for the matter (yes, you weren’t here first either).

        1. stop trying to turn this into an anti-Italian rant. The kids who hang out behind the skating rink have nothing to do with the issue of out of control loud obnoxious drunken college kids and young professionals who think they can just turn this neighborhood into a non stop frat party. GROW UP. People are well aware of what happens behind the rink and have been working with the police to control that situation and the shenanigans in the Gassy. Shining the spotlight on this issue will not change the fact that the drunken BS from college kids and certain young professionals has got to stop.
          This is not Allston or Brighton or the BU campus or the campus of whatever party school you attended.
          This is a neighborhood of senior citizens and middle aged people and young families with young children and young professionals and college students. You expect everyone to be quiet and let you do whatever whenever cause the neighborhood is changing. Sorry pal, that is not going to happen. if you don’t like it move back to burbs and see how much those neighbors put up with your nonsense.

    3. What does any of this have to do w/ the noise/drunk problem in the North End?

      I think everyone agrees that all of the above activity is wrong, regardless of who is doing it…so what your point?

  5. however, people parking in spots they shouldn’t be, while infuriating, isn’t waking me up at night. it isnt making me step over bags of trash put out hours after the trash truck comes so i have to look at it for 2 full days. it isnt keeping people from pissing on the outside of my condo. it isnt keeping people from having 30 kids over on a friday night without mentioning it to the other tenants. so while i do appreciate your crusade against some of the corruptness that still exists in the north end among the second or third generation residents, most of the quality of life problems, if not all, are stemming from the college kids, a small amount of young professionals and the huge late night influx of out of towners looking for food and booze.

    1. I was under the impression that it was high school aged north end and charlestown rats partying in the gassey and behind the rink. throwing bottles, fighting, throwing sh*t off the brinks garage roof, pissing all over the playground, smoking blunts on the basketball courts, lighting fireworks, kicking side mirrors off, etc.

      1. The teenagers doing stupid obnoxious stuff is a completely different issue and is being addressed with the police and in the case of the North End teenagers, the parents. Changing the subject is not going to change the fact that IT IS COLLEGE STUDENTS AND YOUNG PROFESSIONALS who are peeing off of roof decks, throwing things off of roofdecks, peeing and puking in doorways and in the middle of the street and screaming their drunken fool heads off at 2 and 3 AM…..and in many instances mouthing off when someone yells out the window for them to quiet down. This ad is an eff you to the neighborhood and is typical of the attitude of far too many of the young people who have moved into the Northend….including many who have commented here. Residents do not hate young people. Residents don’t hate that young people like to have a good time. Residents hate that young people have zero respect for their neighborhood and neighbors and think they are ENTITLED to behave like spoiled children and not be challenged and expected to respect other peoples right to sleep and not be disturbed by a bunch of people who drink and don’t know how to handle it and think the neighborhood is a college campus .

        1. How is it that teenagers found doing stupid obnoxious stuff is any different than college kids doing stupid obnoxious stuff? I have personally seen BOTH neighborhood teenagers and young professionals doing the exact same disgusting behavior.

          Both groups of ‘people’ are wrong and in some instances – criminal.

  6. Thank you Andy & TiredofNotSleeping,

    We have a War on our hands and we will fight to the
    bitter end, these people do not know what they are
    dealing with.
    Believe me when I tell you there are enough of us who
    have not really stepped up to the plate yet, and
    everyone should pray to God there has not been a
    Riot in this Neighborhood, which is inevitable, if this
    behavior continues I only pray to God that if a Riot
    breaks out there are no Innocent People involved
    What a Hell Hole this Neighborhood turned into,.

  7. Guess what Jon the “motor mouth” this would not be going on if the wise guys were around. We all took care of our own. I know one thing for sure they would have rid you out of this neighborhood in a heart beat.

    Me this is for you its people like you that make the neighborhood look bad,big deal that you lived here for a decade oh wow wait I’m standing up and clapping for you. You and Jon should look for another apartment because the North End sure can do without the both of you.

  8. Let me start this by saying I’m an avid reader of all the posts and comments on this website. I find it to be a great resource for all inhabitants of the North End.

    However, I will say that a large portion of the content is targeted at individuals who have no knowledge, understanding, or ability to defend themselves.

    I’m a recent Suffolk graduate and I’m concerned that this community has deemed me as the enemy. I understand the outrage over what goes on. I have to live through it too.

    But labeling college students and young professionals as the enemy will not solve any of those problems. All you’re doing is digging yourself a trench for a culture clash. And to be frank, it’s a clash that you will not win.

    Do you think Suffolk and other Universities are going to decrease in size?

    Do you think the number of born and bred North Enders are going to expand faster than young people moving in?

    Do you think imposing fines in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Boston is going to solve noise complaint issues?

    Basic logic leads you to say no.

    The more you start accepting students and young professionals as part of the neighborhood, the easier it will be to start finding real solutions to everyone’s problems. I’m not saying that I, or anyone else for that matter, have a valid solution. However, I will say that name calling and stereotyping will only make things worse. You’re claiming that the younger generation has no respect? Well, make sure you’re leading by example.

  9. Really? Alcohol is an epidemic and seems to be the root of most of the issues yet everyone turns their head. Any takers on this albatross?

    On a separate note (when it comes to turning my head) maybe I need some lessons from the parking ticket ladies. So how do I become a member of the bogus friends and family fell-off-the-truck handy cap sticker club?

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