Event Notices

Tuesday News & Views: Italian Heritage Trivia, Alcohol Licenses, Saints Bocce Battle and a Knights Doorway


What’s Going On Today:

I made a mistake yesterday (I know, not the first!) … the Guided Labyrinth Walk is Wednesday, not Tuesday, at 7 a.m at the Armenian Heritage Park.

On Tuesday, the North End Library has canceled its usual story times and the Italian Heritage Trivia Kids Club.

The Events Calendar has all the details.

What’s new on the blog:

The number of alcohol licenses in the North End has reached the 91 cap of NEWRA. What will they do now? See the numbers and read the meeting summary.

For Fun and Charity:

Find out who won the Battle of the Saints bocce tournament here.

Neighborhood Photo of the Day:

One of my favorite local photography blogs is Clueless in Boston where doorways are a weekly feature. Here is a unique North End doorway at the Knights of Columbus.

Knights of Columbus Doorway on N. Margin St. – Photo by Matt Conti


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