138th North Bennet Street School Commencement Ceremony Honors 90 Crafts and Tradespeople

The North Bennet Street School celebrated the hard work of 90 new crafts- and tradespeople, joined by their families, friends, and the greater community in its 138th Commencement ceremony.

This year’s ceremony was held at King’s Chapel in downtown Boston. The 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award winner was Consuela “Chela” Metzger BB ’93 and the Commencement Speaker was new President, Sarah Turner.

In her speech, Sarah encouraged the graduates to “keep your sights on the horizon, to play the long-game, remembering that your efforts will aggregate. This is how you build a life, a career, a livelihood – effort by effort, over time.”

This year’s class of students spent the last year or more honing their skills as carpenters, furniture makers, bookbinders, locksmiths, preservation carpenters, jewelers, piano technicians, and violin makers.