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Sandy Turns North End into a Ghost Town; Trees Down [Photos]

Hurricane Sandy cleared out the North End on Monday night and the usual dinner and rush hour didn’t happen. In fact, it felt like a ghost town with no traffic and few people walking around.

Mark Bernier sends in these photos, saying “It’s so scary / beautiful out there!”

A large tree also fell in front of Fiore Restaurant on Hanover Street with reports of some smaller trees down on the side streets.

Click thumbnails to enlarge. Photos by Mark Bernier taken about 5:30 pm on October 29, 2012.

More photos and coverage of Sandy.

2 Replies to “Sandy Turns North End into a Ghost Town; Trees Down [Photos]

  1. all that empty resident only parking last night make you realize how many out of towners are parking in our spots!

    1. The North End fortunately survived Sandy’s wrath much better than our surrounding neighbors. An intrepid Group of Water Front,North End residents and friends met at Billy Tse’s to wait out the storm and celebrate this blessing.. Proving the old adage that “there’s safety in numbers”. This Group appreciates the ability to
      connect spontaneously,and rarely passes up an opportunity enjoy the very best of city living.

      What a privilage it is to safely turn lemons into lemonade.

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