Ralph Verrocchi (left), Christian Trotta (center) and Michael Mustaccio enjoy a rare night with no wait at Giacomo’s Restaurant on Hanover Street thanks to Hurricane Sandy (Photo by Ralph Verrocchi)

There was a silver lining on Monday night in an otherwise nasty Frankenstorm … no waiting at the North End’s most popular restaurants! Some quick thinking residents headed straight for Giacomo’s Ristorante at 355 Hanover Street where there is always a line outside. Life long North Ender and business owner, Ralph Verrocchi of My Cousin’s Place, said he and friend, Michael Mustaccio, walked right in, “No line and we got the funny waiter.” The waiter happens to be Christian Trotta.

See the empty North End streets during rush hour and storm surge photos.

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  1. i haven’t been back to giacamos since i saw boxes of frozen pasta being delivered one afternoon. if only the people in the lines knew that much.

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