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Saturday News & Views: Talking Noise at the Public Safety Meeting, Pulse Poll and Connah Photo


What’s Going On Saturday, October 6, 2012:

The Paul Revere House has a storyteller highlighting Rachel Revere: A Revolutionary Woman (1pm, 1:45pm, 2:30pm)

Don’t forget to avoid I-93 North starting at 10pm, especially around the tunnel exit leading to the Zakim.

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What’s new on the blog:

This month’s North End Public Safety meeting focused on quality of life and noise issues along with reports about the latest break-ins. See the video.

Pulse Poll:

Under the radar:

Take a look at the NEWNC, Neighborhood Council, agenda for Tuesday night.

Notable News Found Elsewhere:

How will the NHL lockout impact the neighborhood? North End Patch’s Susan Danseyar talks to some residents and business owners. See the article.

The big ocean tank at the New England Aquarium has been drained and all the animals moved. Check out the photos and story.

Neighborhood Photo of the Day:

Can you guess what he’s saying?

Mark at the Connah Store (Photo by Matt Conti)

Click photo image above to enlarge. Did you take a great photo? Send it in.

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