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Tuesday News & Views: Back to Reality, St. Lucy Video, Politics, Needles and Trash


What’s Going On Today:

It’s back to work, school and all that regular stuff!

NEMPAC is having an Open House week. The NE Branch Library is back with its storytimes. A public art/reality project launches today on the Greenway, “Before I die …” where a giant chalkboard will be unveiled on the Wharf District Parks. At night, the NEWRA Parks & Open Spaces Committee will host the City’s Director of Environmental Services to talk about rodent control in the neighborhood (7pm, Nazzaro Center). View details and more community happenings on the Events Calendar.

What’s new and exciting on the blog:

We finish off our summer feast videos with St. Lucy, protectress of eyesight. See the video from the Feast of Santa Lucia.

It was serious bocce at “Michael’s Tournament,” the 3rd Annual Fall Bocce Classic at Langone Park. See the photos.

What people are talking about:

Unfortunately, needles on Sheafe Street … see the post.

Notable News Found Elsewhere:

Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will be speaking at this week’s Democratic National Convention, according to the Globe.

Serving as delegates in North Carolina are Boston City Councilors Felix Arroyo and Ayanna Presley. Arroyo tweets, “Just finished overpacking for the DNC but can you really have too many blue button up shirts?”


September is a busy month for the Neighborhood Groups, including many that hibernated in the summer … see our Groups page.

Neighborhood Photo of the Day:

City agencies had a good deal of success in hauling away the move-in trash, according to our readers. Of course, there are some places where it’s a never-ending problem. Mark Petrigno sends in this Monday night photo from Hanover St., on the Freedom Trail. The next scheduled pickup for residential garbage is Wednesday morning.

Click photo image above to enlarge.

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2 Replies to “Tuesday News & Views: Back to Reality, St. Lucy Video, Politics, Needles and Trash

  1. Instead of passing out bunch of flyers about city services for students, maybe the city should realize there are other people moving on madness day and pass out the trash collection schedule. Their letter to landlords said Friday was the last collection day yet there were trash trucks all around on Saturday. Monday was a holiday so people probably assumed no trash pick up and put it out for the next day. If the new residents moved here for the first time how would they know unless the landlord told them? Lets be honest the majority of absentee landlords only care about the rent $ and could care less about the neighborhood. Here’s a thought for next year..why don’t the realtors work with the Mayor’s office and come up with a packet of information to hand to the new tenants when they give them the keys. It should have the trash pick up schedule, the regs about no grilling on the roofdeck, a guide to how to get resident parking stickers and where to park, city a guide to other city services. etc.

  2. Don’t forget that a lot of the trash issues are with people moving OUT of apartments. I also think that this year, people mistakenly thought trash wouldn’t be picked up monday and put it out last night for pickup today.

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