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North End Move-In Weekend 2012 Gone Well?

Usually on September 1st, we take and receive many photos of trash piles as the college students move-in. Remember last year when just walking down any North End sidewalk was impossible? (See Move In North End Trash Piles – September 2011 – They’re Here!)

Instead this year, we received a couple of emails complimenting the city and neighboring landlords on keeping the streets relatively clean. Fulton Street resident, Janet Gilardi, says, “This is a day to remember! This may be one of the first positive steps for a cleaner inner city.”

So, what changed? The city has a truck going around picking up furniture and trash piles. It went down nearly every street on Saturday and hopefully that will continue. Second, Citizens Connect is filled with “Student Move-In Issues” reports that appear to be directed toward Public Works. Third, enforcement personnel have been writing green tickets.

Of course, we found a few piles here and there, but nothing like in past years. It’s still early and more piles are likely to appear under the cloak of darkness. The photos below were taken at approximately 4pm on Saturday, September 1, 2012.

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14 Replies to “North End Move-In Weekend 2012 Gone Well?

  1. I saw a police cruiser or two making the rounds all day. Gotta give credit. The city and police did an excellent job today. Very few issues.

  2. On my way home from work there was a HUGE trash pile at Bartlett Place. It’s Saturday so that all trash will sit there until early Monday morning.

  3. Add 31 and 35 charter to the list of buildings whose tenants have simply piled trash, boxes and junk on the sidewalk. I am glad the city has stepped up efforts, but I wouldn’t call it a success where hundreds of new residents introduce themselves to neighbors by dumping on the sidewalk.

    And, yes, the noise problems have already resurfaced.

  4. There was a pile of trash including a mattress leaning against the Copps Hill Cemetery wall on Snow Hill Street early Saturday morning. I was amazed when just a short while later, the Capital Waste truck came by and picked it all up. This is much appreciated!

  5. Yes! Trash on Prince St picked up early, too.It was such a deplorable mess. Trucks cam by… What a difference. It makes this holiday weekend even better. Great job, City of Boston!

  6. Have to give credit where it is due – the city did a great job handling the slobs that are incoming student renters. As often as they would illegally pile up their trash out front, the city was there to collect it with the truck. I also saw a few cruisers riding around all day and a city inspection worker making rounds on foot. Even saw a street sweeper this morning.

    I hope that they handed out plenty of tickets to these kids who clearly don’t care about any rules around here.

  7. the city did a great job handling the slobs that are incoming student renters

    How (and) why do you think this was people moving in?? Look at the pictures of 2011, there are couches, chairs, tables on the sidewalks. Do you think people hired a moving truck, moved furniture out of an old apartment, then when they got to the north end, plopped it on the sidewalk?

    I’d guess most of the mess is from people moving OUT of apartments. If your lease ends 8/31 and it is a Friday (like this year), what are you supposed to do w/your trash when you move out? Bring it with you? No, you leave it on the sidwalk like these people did. The city should have a special trash pickup every 9/1.

  8. Sadly, as awesome as they may have done in general around the neighborrhod…There’s been unsightly trash at Bartlett Place since Saturday morning and now it’s a huge wet mess. Calls and emails were placed.

    Still no response and it won’t get picked up tomorrow morning because it is not at the end of the street where residents at Bartlett Place are supposed to leave their trash. It’s at the new tenants building and the pile keeps growing. Ugh.

  9. Yes, the hotline was called by several residents actually.

    Still there spreading into the street. Mattress and everything. The tenants, appearing to be all college kids (one I know is). They actually have to step through the trash to get out of their building.

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