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Friday News & Views: Weekend Events and a Blocking Big Belly Photo


What’s Going On This Weekend:

The Landscape Watercolor Workshops are back at Christopher Columbus Park. The Paul Revere House has a Tinsmithing Demonstration and the weekly Open Market will be on the Greenway. On Sunday, NEAD heads out for its Apple Picking Trip while a special mass will be celebrated for the 150th Anniversary of St. Stephen’s Church on Hanover St.

The Events Calendar has all the details.

What’s new on the blog:

We post a slew of upcoming events from a lecture series at the Aquarium, Columbus Day at the Park, an Amazing Race and a meeting notice for the North Bennet Street School development.

What people are talking about:

Neighbors have commented on the newly cleaned up Tree Pits and the “Taste of the North End” donations to the community.


In addition to the Community Events Calendar, you can also see a page full of the latest event posts and flyers.

Neighborhood Photo of the Day:

Most of the respondents in the poll like the new big bellies. Although placement is obviously key as shown in this photo sent in by Brian Cashin who says it “totally blocks a driver’s view of oncoming traffic and the bike lane. This is an accident waiting to happen.”

Click photo image above to enlarge. Did you take a great photo? Send it in.

Your comments are welcome below. Then, go out and enjoy the day!

One Reply to “Friday News & Views: Weekend Events and a Blocking Big Belly Photo

  1. Brian is absolutely right about the danger posed by the placement of these containers. It is frightening and dangerous to turn either left or right from Clark St onto Commercial St with the containers placed as they are. Happily for all of us, Stephen Passacantilli of Councilor Lamattina’s office has been extremely responsive in taking action to have them moved to a safe location.

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