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Time to Come Home – Grand Finale of St. Anthony’s Feast Procession [Photos-Part 3]

It is time for the statue of Saint Anthony to return home where thousands of feast goers are waiting in eager anticipation on Endicott, Thacher and N. Margin Streets. It is nearing the end of a grueling, but inspiring, 10-hour Sunday Procession through the streets of the North End as part of the 93rd St. Anthony’s Feast. There are still some stops to make, including the resounding joy of having the bands play in Pizzeria Regina before reaching the heart of the feast where confetti rains from the sky.

Night photography is my favorite and there is no better scene than the Grand Finale of the St. Anthony’s Feast to take on the challenge of lights and shadows with the terrific reward of deep and vibrant colors. So, after following the procession, I grabbed a rooftop perch (thanks Janine!) and the photo gallery below shows the results.

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Photos by Matt Conti. Download high resolution versions of these photographs for free and order prints/products here:
















































2 Replies to “Time to Come Home – Grand Finale of St. Anthony’s Feast Procession [Photos-Part 3]

  1. Matt again great pictures. The best part of your taking them is former NORTHENDERS and friends and others who cannot physically get to the feasts can view your work and still be able to participate in the festivities. Thanks again Matt for all you do.

  2. Thank you Marie for always e-mailing me the North End
    News and Views,and thank you Matt for such wonderful
    pictures.The feasts bring back happy memories of growing up in the North End. I also enjoy seeing people I haven’t seen in over 30 years. Thanks again to both of you.

    Margaret Tommasino DiPrete

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