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More Rooftop Gas Grill Fires in Boston

Boston Fire tweeted this photo of what remains of a South End gas grill and roof deck.

Following up on our post regarding illegal propane gas grills on North End roofdecks, there were two gas grill fires this week in Boston. Boston Fire reports that a South End building sustained heavy damage Thursday from a rooftop gas grill as shown in these photos. Fortunately, no injuries were reported but nine apartments took fire, water and smoke damage with a $500,000 cost estimate.

The second incident sent a fireman to the hospital and left 18 people homeless in Roslindale. Boston Fire tweeted, “Please keep grills off of upper floor porches and roofs. They are illegal and could result in this.” (View a photo of the fire in progress.)

Roof Deck Remains From Gas Grill Fire (Boston Fire)

Several residents have told us that they or their neighbors have taken steps to remove illegal grills or change to electric. These photos are more evidence that is the correct course of action. (See Gas Grills Common on North End Roof Decks; Photos Reveal Hazardous, Illegal Use.)

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  1. Like Tweeting by the BFD is going to solve the problem. How about cracking down on the building owners and condo associations who allow use of gas grills? Does someone have to be killed before this is taken seriously?

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