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Ask Toni & Maria – Real Estate Column #17

Maria DiTullio (left) and Toni Gilardi

“Ask Toni & Maria” is a real estate column written by Toni Gilardi and Maria DiTullio from Elite Boston Landmark Realty. Have them answer your questions in an upcoming column by emailing

1) Dear Toni and Maria,
I just heard that you sold a building on Prince Street for 8 million dollars … Wow, is this true? Why is it that I hear about your building listings after they are sold . I have to become a member of this club of yours … How can I sign up???????

Hi Michael,
It is true that we sold a building on Prince Street but not for $8M. It was $7,775M. “THE CLUB”… well, there is a formal initiation process. Stop by and we will chat…LOL
Toni and Maria

2 ) Dear Toni and Maria,
I am moving out of my apartment on August 31st. I would like my security deposit returned on that day after the walk-through. My landlord claims he cannot accommodate this request because he will be traveling. I am leaving for vacation and really need my money back. What can I do?

Hi Allison,
Sorry, there is not much you can do. The owner has 30 days to return your deposit to you. See if he can make other arrangements. He may be able to have someone he trust do the walk-through. Hopefully there will be some room for compromise.
Toni and Maria

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  1. Not surprising that the dynamic duo closed such a fabulous deal. Its a combination of superior skills that.
    few possess. That villa in Italy is looking good. Can't wait to visit. A fan

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