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Marriage Proposal on Stage at St. Anthony’s Feast [Video]

So, I’m on the roof taking photos of the St. Anthony’s Feast in the streets of Boston’s North End. I hear the music stop and this guy on the microphone starting to propose marriage on the stage. The crowd really got into it. I caught this quick video and their first dance.

Congratulations to Charles and Paola!

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2 Replies to “Marriage Proposal on Stage at St. Anthony’s Feast [Video]

    1. I saw a similar segment on the Today Show. However, that couple was in a relatively empty Park area. Nothing like this couple. What a priceless moment for all of you. Thank God for your blog, its reassuring to know that there is GOOD news and Joy sharing the same wave lengths as the constant messages of murder, corruption and all over sleeze that are staples of the media.

      Love it,

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