Sunday News & Views: St. Anthony’s Feast “A Bizzeffe”! Plus Cliff Diving, A Marriage Proposal and Old Ironsides Underway


What’s Going On Sunday, August 26, 2012:

The Grand Sunday Procession for Saint Anthony’s Feast starts at noon today on Endicott Street. But don’t worry if you’re late, because it goes on for 10 hours! Just listen for the marching bands to find the statue and pin your dollar on a ribbon. There is also an outdoor mass in Italian near the feast bandstand at 10:30 am.

Go to outer space with the movie, Galaxy Quest, showing outside at Christopher Columbus Park at dusk.

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What’s new and exciting on the blog:

We have two new St. Anthony’s Feast photo galleries:

The variety of Boston activities never ceases to amaze and the Cliff Diving off the ICA this weekend is proof of that. Check out our photos:

Under the radar, but worth viewing:

The weekly neighborhood police blotter reports 2 drug arrests and a break-in at Burroughs Wharf.

Curated News For You Found Elsewhere:

Governor Patrick signed in a new animal rights law, removing muzzle and ownership requirements on Pit Bulls. Mayor Menino chimes in at the Herald.

“One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind” … Remembering Neil Armstrong in this Globalpost Storify.

Just For Fun:

Did you hear about the guy that proposed marriage on stage at the St. Anthony’s Feast Saturday night? See the video.

Neighborhood Photo of the Day:

The USS Constitution went underway (again) in Boston Harbor on Friday with her sails at the ready. We’re not exactly sure why, but maybe the US Navy wants get as much time in before Old Ironsides goes into a multi-year drydock renovation. In the photo below, Brendan O’Brien captures the oldest U.S. warship still afloat from the North End’s Harborwalk by the Mirabella Pool looking toward Charlestown. While returning to her berth, a lone swimmer, North Ender Richie Spagnulo, wandered out for a closer look.

USS Constitution With a Swimmer – August 2012 by Brendan O’Brien

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