LaMattina Versus Campatelli in Profile of Race for Suffolk County Register of Probate

Brooke Courthouse – Home of the Suffolk Probate and Family Court – New Chardon St., Boston (Photo courtesy of Suffolk Probate and Family Court)

The race for Suffolk County Register of Probate is profiled by’s Jeremy C. Fox with interviews from both candidates, current District 1 City Councilor, Sal LaMattina, and current Program Supervisor for the Office of Community Corrections, Patricia Campatelli. LaMattina and Campatelli are both Democrats hailing from East Boston.

“I managed a department with 99 employees, all union, so I deal with some of those issues [we face] when we have union employees,” said LaMattina, 52, in a reference to his tenure as director of operations at the Boston Transportation Department from 1999 until his election to the City Council in 2006.

Campatelli, 48, worked as a substitute teacher and then as a youth worker with at-risk teens before moving on to several positions in the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department and the state Office of Community Corrections, earning a master’s degree in crime and justice at Suffolk University.

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The Democratic primary is on Thursday, September 6th. The open seat for Register of Probate will fill the role vacated by Richard Iannella who resigned last year.

2 Replies to “LaMattina Versus Campatelli in Profile of Race for Suffolk County Register of Probate

  1. All I can say is if you elect Sal LaMattina to a position that puts him in charge at a court house how bad will it get?

    He first proposed a law that violates people’s title 2 and 3 rights to choose to use a Federally regulated device. And imposed rules that violated trade restriction and commerce laws.

    Then he proposed a law that violates the Federal FCC regulation by restricting the access of television carriers because he feels a satellite dish is unsightly.

    Let me outline that his comment was mostly about East Boston.

    In 1996, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted rules for Over-the-Air-Reception Devices (“OTARD” rules). The OTARD rules prohibit restrictions on a property owner or tenant’s right to install, maintain or use an antenna to receive video programming from direct broadcast satellites (DBS), broadband radio services (formerly referred to as multichannel multipoint distribution services or MMDS) and television broadcast stations (TVBS). However, there are exceptions to the OTARD rules, including provisions for safety and preservation of historic areas.

    The FCC later amended the OTARD rules to apply to rental property where the renter has exclusive use of an area, and to customer-end antennas that receive and transmit fixed wireless signals.

  2. Sal LaMattina has been a great friend to the North End and very responsive to issues in our neighborhood. His quick action regarding our quality of life issues with filing a noise ordinance and his tireless support of the VERY needed expansion of the Eliot School are just two recent examples. Judging solely by experience it seems obvious to me that Mr. LaMattina is very deserving of this office he is running for. I encourage the North End to show their gratitude by getting out the vote on September 6.

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