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Cookin’ with Frankie – Haddock Pizzaiola [Video]

North End native, Frank Imbergamo, shares one of his favorite recipes in a video that first appeared on Wicked Local Medford. In this piece, Frankie makes Haddock Pizzaiola for the summer when people like to eat light and healthy. A favorite dish for Fridays, often served with broccoli rabe when he was growing up in the North End. Now, Frankie enjoys it with a glass of chilled white zinfandel to complement the dish. He also points out another benefit … it smells like pizza when its baking. Buon appetito!

Find this recipe on page 21 of The Good Life! Favorite Italian Recipes by Frank Imbergamo.

2 Replies to “Cookin’ with Frankie – Haddock Pizzaiola [Video]

  1. Frankie is my favorite cook of all time, I've tried his food and it's incredible, the book The Good Life is great deff worth picking up…. I love stumbling apon new frankie recipes online.

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