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Boston Heat Advisory for Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sprinker Spray Pool in front of Mirabella Pool ( photo)

The City of Boston has issued a heat advisory for July 17, 2012 and reminds residents to stay safe and healthy in the heat. Drink plenty of fluids, wear loose fitting clothing and avoid outdoor physical activity.

The Nazzaro Community Center, 30 N. Bennet St. is a designated “Cooling Center.” Call (617) 635-5166 for more information.

The Mirabella Pool in the North End is also open through its usual closing time of 7 p.m. In addition, the sprinkler spray pool in front of the Mirabella Pool on Commercial Street is on. There are also sprinklers and fountains at Christopher Columbus Park and on the Greenway parks.

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  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated
  • Check on elderly persons and sick neighbors
  • Rest often in shady areas


  • Underestimate the seriousness of heat-related emergencies!
  • Drink alcoholic or caffeinated beverages
  • Overexert yourself or work outside without taking breaks