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Farewell to Sister Eileen, Retiring After 28 years at Saint John School

Saint Leonard Church publishes a farewell message to Sister Eileen written by Bennett Molinari and Richard Molinari.

Sister Eileen is fond of saying, “You are number one, if you are doing your best”, coupled with her gentle but firm leadership and guided by the mission, “Peace Will be Our Way”, Saint John’s, which is now 116 years old, has become a safe urban haven with high academic standards placing an emphasis on values as part of its curriculum. Sister has embraced new technology establishing a computer lab and introducing interactive whiteboards to the classrooms and anticipating a pilot program with the language specialist Rosetta Stone.  During her tenure as principal at Saint John’s, Sister has made extensive improvements to the interior and exterior of the school. With Saint John’s on firm ground in an upward trajectory, Sister feels comfortable in taking her retirement passing the reigns of leadership of her beloved school to its incoming principal, Karen McLaughlin, who for the past 17 years served as principal of Saint Paul School, Wellesley.

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Father Antonio also adds his own message:

I would like to extend my most heartfelt gratitude to Sister Eileen Harvey, S.S.J for the gift of a very productive 28 years of her  life to the children of the North End and all who attended Saint John School who were taught by Sister Eileen and her staff and instructed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Thank you Sister for all of your hard work and dedication and all that you have given to Saint John School and our community and may you remain active for many more years to come.
God Bless You. Father Antonio


Photos from the retirement party.