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St. John School First Tower Garden Harvest Today

IMG_0192St. John School had their first Tower Garden harvest today. The students harvested Basil, Swiss Chard, Mesclun, Romaine Lettuce and Arugula. The students also charted the garden’s growth measurements from seedling to first harvest!

Wondering what the Tower Garden is? It is an aeroponic vertical growing system that we are growing herbs and greens in to introduce the St. John School Community to sustainable farming.  We are excited to engage the students in growing their own food and weaving it into the curriculum by teaching lessons in science, math and nutrition as their interests develop about where their food comes from and eating healthier.

Beyond the natural beauty of growing vine ripened fresh produce, listening to the flow of the water as it irrigates the roots and the glowing light from the grow lights, there is an opportunity here to decide how best to use the produce and that empowers the children to be able to share in a tangible way.

Since the donation of the Tower Garden by the Grafton Group, who are opening a new restaurant  in our neighborhood, State Street Provisions, located at 255 State Street, several restaurants have inquired about donating more Tower Gardens to St. John School.

Karen Shea adds,  “This is very exciting because we are raising our children in a time when we are making a shift in how we eat. By creating a sustainable farm at St. John School we allow the students an immersive STEM educational experience that addresses the issues of today’s agricultural industry.” If you would like to become involved in “Growing the SJS Farm” contact Karen at Stop by State Street Provisions and thank them for supporting St. John School!

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  1. Thank you Karen and SJS for this wonderful opportunity. Mason loves being part of the Garden Club and is so proud to bring home his product. At 5yrs old he is excited to share what he was learned and his father and I could not be more thrilled!

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