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Notable News: Lewis Wharf, True Value, Airbnb, Marriage Proposal, Fallout 4, Development Spree and More!

Posting articles from dozens of news sources and combining them into one convenient article could be called, “innovative,” we call it the Notable News post. 

Environmentalists Fear Proposed Lewis Wharf Hotel Would Trigger Boston Harbor Damage

Environmentalists, including President Obama’s Chief Science Officer, weigh in on Lewis Wharf Hotel proposal, speaking on the engineering that will have to be improvised due to the location of Lewis Wharf being a “velocity zone” in the harbor. While others are doubtful that there is an engineering solution that would be safe in this location, the developers maintain they can work around it. Read more at WGBH Boston.

Photo by Brian Dowling, The Boston Herald.
Photo by Brian Dowling, The Boston Herald.

Airbnb now open to taxes

With short term home-rental services like Airbnb growing around Boston, State Rep. Aaron 
Michlewitz has introduced a bill to tax and regulate these services in the city. The legislation also aims to force these services to cut back on landlords flipping the city’s housing stock into so-called illegal hotels. Although Rep. Michlewitz “appreciates” Airbnb’s willingness to pay a “fair share,” read more about the proposal at, The Boston Herald.

Boston at center of highly-anticipated Fallout 4

The highly anticipated release of the video game “Fallout 4” will feature a setting of post-apocalyptic Boston. Complete with settings of Old Scollay Square, see the story at, The Boston Herald

Owner Ken Rothman of True Value on Salem Street. Photo by Jessica Rinaldi, The Boston Globe.
Owner Ken Rothman of True Value on Salem Street. Photo by Jessica Rinaldi, The Boston Globe.

North End hardware store, a neighborhood fixture, is closing

Ken Rothman, the owner of the North End’s True Value hardware store on Salem Street will close his doors after 52 years of business. Liquidation of the store’s inventory began in August, the store has come a long way since the cigar box cash register Rothman remembers when he was 12 years old, continue reading at, The Boston Globe.

The details on the North End’s building spree

The North Station area will see a major transformation in the ensuing couple of years, with a 440 unit residential tower, two other high-rises, one office, and one hotel. Real Estate has more on the plans to turn, “what was mainly a sports pub zone into Boston’s newest neighborhood.”

She said 'YES!" photo via Facebook.
She said ‘YES!” photo via Facebook.

Proposal in Christopher Columbus Park

A chilly Friday the 13th in Boston did not stop a proposal under the trellis lights in Christopher Columbus Park. Photo and more on the proposal via Facebook.

Take that, North End: Italian restaurant and marketplace coming to huge Seaport development

Tuscan Kitchen & Market will be a part of the new $600 million residential and retail project now under development in the Seaport. The 320-seat restaurant will serve regional Italian cuisine, while an adjacent market will include a cafe and pasticceria with cheeses, fresh bread, and pasta. Read more on the plans for the restaurant, including a 2017 opening at the Boston Business Journal.

Boston University: Surprises {The North End}

This Boston University Freshman took a much needed visit to the North End after being stuck on campus all week. Even though she had been to the North End before, this time she saw a different side of the North End, a charming place with narrow streets, lovely cafes and pizzerias, continue reading.

New restaurant to open in Blackburn building

Anthony Caturano, the owner and chef of Prezza in the North End is opening a new restaurant in Gloucester called Tonno, the Italian word for “tuna.” Continue reading about the 4,000-square-foot restaurant that plans to serve Italian seafood classics at, Gloucester Times.

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