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Kitchen Nightmares, Gone But Not Forgotten

The folks at Vision North send in this photo, noting their shock when the production trailers for the Kitchen Nightmares TV show left town leaving a trash pile in front of 77 N. Washington Street which was established as a remote site during the week of filming. The complaint was also sent in yesterday to Citizens Connect.

Filming a Fall 2012 episode at La Galleria 33 on Salem Street, Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey and his production staff are not new to the North End, having caused some disruption last year when at Davide Restaurant on Commercial Street. This year also brought a series of parking complaints as accommodations were apparently not as forthcoming as presented.

8 Replies to “Kitchen Nightmares, Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. Guess it is just not the title of his show that is a Nightmare. Maybe a little bad publicity on the internet for the nightmare chef is in order.

  2. This show was such a nightmare! Left my fiancee and I with a $225 tab for an unjustified tow and parking ticket. We have MAJOR complaints about how the production company handled themselves here in our neighborhood. Although they appeared to be accommodating and considerate of the residents at the NEWNC meetings – they were nothing but rude and inconsiderate to us and didn't ONCE post proper signage on Salem Street during the whole debacle. We've tried to appeal the ticket and tow to City Hall – but to no avail.

    Let's hope they NEVER come back to make more $$$$ at innocent resident's expense. Wish we could've at least gotten a nice enjoyable meal out at one of North End's fine establishment…but we're left chewing back our anger and frustration!

    Did anyone else have parking issues similar to this?

    1. I tried to park on Salem St., and as we were getting out of our car one of the crew ran up to tell us we could not park there. I asked him if they had a permit, and he looked around all confused for a minute. Then, he ran around my car, and shut a gate that had been opened. They attached their only Parking Permit sign to a gate, so every time it was left open no one could see it.

      I am surprised that you were not able to successfully appeal the tow. I know you only have like 5 days, so I am not sure if you are passed that, but you could try to take pictures of the gate and permit if it is still there, and insist that the permit was not visible! Also, I wonder if they even put flyers out 48 hours in advance like they are supposed to.

      You have to be really adamant at City Hall that signs were not properly done, because they will sit there forever and try to make you say that you did not check the entire street, etc.

      1. the signs were out for days before the filming. It was well advertised in the Regional Review and on this blog and discussed at both the NEWRA and NEWNC meetings.

      2. We had pictures to prove that proper signage was not consistently in place throughout their set filming dates. When I parked on Thursday 5/17 at 9pm there were no crew members to enforce parking and no signage posted anywhere in front of La Galleria 33.

        The parking office couldn’t understand our arguement. I don’t think I can appeal the $75 ticket again.. Unless we take it to superior Suffolk court.

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