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Blackstone Market Presents Greenway Parcel 9 Development Proposal (Video)

DeNormandie Companies and Cresset Group presented “Blackstone Market,” its project proposal to MassDOT and the Parcel 9 RFP Committee members. Conceived as part of the Market District, Blackstone Market will have restaurants, a rooftop farm and 50 residential units.

The presentation took place on April 25, 2012 at the Nazzaro Community Center in the North End. The video contains both the presentation and the Q&A period with the RFP committee and public in attendance.

View the Blackstone Market proposal (pdf).

Four bids were submitted in response to the RFP issued by the State’s transportation authority, MassDOT, that owns the parcel. The triangular lot, known as Parcel 9, is adjacent to Haymarket, Blackstone St. and the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway.

The four Parcel 9 bidders are the Boston Museum, Blackstone Market (DeNormandie Companies & Cresset Group),  a hotel concept by Normandy Real Estate / Jones Lang LaSalle and Market Square by Upton + Partners. (See Four Developers Bid on Parcel 9 Project, Adjacent to Greenway and Haymarket.)

Public comments can be submitted to MassDOT via email at: More information is also available on the MassDOT website.

On May 1, 2012 at 6:00 pm, Normandy and Upton will present their proposals at the Mariner’s House, 11 North Square.

Videos from the community meetings will be available for viewing at the Parcel 9 tag:


2 Replies to “Blackstone Market Presents Greenway Parcel 9 Development Proposal (Video)

  1. Residents of any units built on Parcel 9 should be prohibited from obtaining North End resident parking stickers. This was done for the Strada and nobody who bought a unit or rents a unit there can obtain a NE resident sticker.

    1. This is a critical issue because without that restriction there would be over 100 more people circling the North End vying for the very limited number of existing spaces. Blackstone should be required to commit against having North End parking stickers. This should be in writing so everyone voting in the Poll (and lining up for the available apartments) knows where Blackstone stands. if they refuse to commit, that should weigh heavily against their application.

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