North End Resident Toils Behind the Doors of Romney Headquarters at 585 Commercial Street

Katie Biber Chen, North End resident and General Counsel for the Mitt Romney Campaign (Photo via Washington Post, Courtesy of Mitt Romney for President)

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the doors of 585 Commercial St. in the North End, the base for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign? The Washington Post gives a glimpse inside the nondescript tan building formerly occupied by Roche Bobois, through the profile of a North End resident, Katie Biber, the campaign’s general counsel.

If Mitt Romney manages to capture the Republican nomination, it probably won’t be because of his dynamite personality or the magnetism of his message. Instead, he will owe his victory to a superior campaign organization personified by the obsessive plodding of his diminutive delegate counter.

In the Boston headquarters, a few blocks from the North End apartment Biber, 33, shares with her husband and two young sons, she can be seen hugging black binders full of delegate information, wearing a Romney sweatshirt with the words “Legal team” stitched on the arm, or walking reporters through the campaign’s operations in major states such as Illinois, where Romney added to his delegate advantage Tuesday.

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