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Residents’ Association Supports Tattooing at Boston Barber Shop on Salem Street

The Residents’ Association, NEWRA, voted 21-8 in support of zoning relief at 113-113A Salem Street, Boston Barber Company, Robert DelloRusso, for conditional use to add a tattoo artist and tanning booths to the existing barber shop/salon.

NEWRA’s support of tattooing and tanning at the barber shop adds to that of the Neighborhood Council, NEWNC, where the council voted unanimously in support of the variance. (See the video: Boston Barber Company Wins Support From Council For Tattooing and Tanning.)

A number of supporters of the shop spoke in high regard for the DelloRussos’ and their good business reputation. Advocates noted the primary use will remain as a barber shop, not as a tattoo parlor. There was no vocal opposition to the proposed conditional use, other than questions by abutters at 44 Prince Street inquiring about issues such as noise, music, lights, sanitary precautions and customer traffic.

The shop will be the only destination for tattoo services in downtown Boston. The closest tattoo parlors in East Boston and Allston. The State age limit for tattoos is over 18 years of age. The law allows tanning at age 14, but DelloRusso said he would also likely impose an 18+ store age limit.

Stephen Passacantilli, representing Sal LaMattina’s office, said the City Councilor enthusiastically supports the application based on the reputation of the owners. Further, the Councilor is planning to get a tattoo himself at the shop.

In answer to a question, the DelloRusso brothers noted the nail salon above the barber shop is separately owned and mention of future massage services there is unrelated to their application. The Boston Barber Shop application will be determined by the Boston Zoning Board of Appeal at an upcoming hearing.

In a separate matter, NEWRA unanimously supported (29-0) the proposed variances for the renovation of 5-6 Lathrop Place as an expansion of the Paul Revere House Museum. NEWRA’s support also follows that of the Neighborhood Council (see the video of the presentation).

NEWRA members also voted unanimously, 28-0, to revise their procedure for reviewing zoning and licensing applications. NEWRA’s ZLC Committee will now recommend its Executive Committee NOT bring certain non-controversial applications to the full membership at monthly meetings. The ZLC Committee will continue to review all applications and enforce its neighbor notification policy.