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Video: Trinity Financial Presents Bulfinch Triangle’s “One Canal” Without Supermarket

Sarah Barnat of Trinity Financial Inc. presented the developer’s plan for “One Canal,” an apartment rental complex to the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association, NEWRA, on December 8, 2011. In addition to 320 luxury apartments, the building will include approximately 21,300 square feet of ground-floor retail space. The parcel runs along N. Washington Street, Valenti Way and Canal Street.

Trinity’s new development proposal no longer includes a supermarket, but instead has an uncommitted commercial space on the first floor. Barnat told the group that Trinity tried very hard, but the most interested operator, Stop & Shop, has left the negotiating table.

The Bulfinch Triangle parcel, often referred to as the “supermarket parcel” borders the North End and West End, also known as Greenway parcel 2 A, B, C. More than 10 years ago, city officials and residents including a dedicated “supermarket committee” had targeted the site for an affordable supermarket to serve downtown Boston residents.

A few years ago, Trinity completed “Avenir” with luxury apartments, averaging $4,000/month, along Canal and Causeway Streets. It has a CVS facing North Station on the first floor.

Public review of the project pursuant to Article 80 of the Zoning Code (BRA Large Project Review) is underway. The deadline for submitting written public comments to the BRA is currently set at December 31, 2011.

Watch the video for details of the new proposal and the supermarket saga, also documented in the related posts below.

4 Replies to “Video: Trinity Financial Presents Bulfinch Triangle’s “One Canal” Without Supermarket

  1. It's unbelievable that after 10 years of promises by the BRA and city to now have yet another developer show up without a supermarket. Greed, pure greed. Tell 'em to go home.

  2. Seriously, how hard is it to incentivize a grocery store? This is something that a major developer (and the city) could easily do if they really wanted to … oh, and $4k for an apt at N Station, really?

  3. If Trinity cannot identify a grocery store, then it has not tried hard enough! or Trinity is simply not interested.
    Trader Joe's has operated in smaller spaces.

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