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Police Arrest Suspect Peeing on Hanover Street Plants Outside Restaurants

Boston Police issue this report on about an incident last night in front of Saraceno Restaurant and Cafe Pompeii on Hanover Street:

There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Water the Plants

At about 1:54am, on Wednesday, December 14, 2011, an officer on foot patrol in the area of Hanover Street observed a large crowd gathered in front of the Saraceno Restaurant in the area of 284 Hanover Street.  As the officer got closer to the group, the officer observed a white male urinating into a potted plant resting in front of the location. When the individual realized that he was in the presence of a police officer, the individual quickly stopped urinating on the plant.

Officers spoke to an irritated employee from the Café Pompeii restaurant who stated that the individual and his friends had dined at his restaurant. According to the employee, the suspect and his friends made a stink about the bill before finally paying and then exiting the restaurant. However, the employee goes on to say that when the suspect exited the restaurant, he spit on the restaurant’s pane glass window and then proceeded to urinate on the plants.

Said the suspect to the officers, “You guys are really making a big deal out of this just because I took a leak on a pine tree.”

Officers arrested Chris McNamara, 33, of Boston and charged him with Indecent Exposure.

7 Replies to “Police Arrest Suspect Peeing on Hanover Street Plants Outside Restaurants

  1. A good cell phone video of the guy peeing posted to FB and you tube would be a much better punishment. Morons

  2. Sorry but the patrons coming out of Caffe Pompeii are responsible for a lot of issues after midnight on weekends. The steps of Sovereign Bank are always used as a place to eat food from Pompeii after hours and the trash generated is horrible. They should shut at midnight.

  3. Sorry, but Pompeii is SADLY one of the few places allowed to stay open late enough for patrons leaving the bars to get food. Therefore, it is inevitable a mass of people (some of which act irresponsibly) convene on Hanover. If MORE places were allowed to stay open later there would surely be less commotion around a place that serves overpriced cardboard with pizza flavoring! But, because it is virtually the only restaurant open people are forced to flock in that direction. Only in Boston is it a crime to want to eat after a bar closes. Its pathetic how few options there are. Until more places are allowed to stay open late, you will have to deal with commotion at Pompeii.

  4. @Jimmy…I agree but the Pompei isn't going to have the hours pushed back by the city unless something seriously bad happens there. @JP…you can get food in Chinatown and other parts of the city after the bars close. Sorry but the Northend is primarily a RESIDENTIAL neighborhood and we do not have to put up with crowds of ignorant stupid drunks urinating in public, puking in doorways and screaming like banshees. No way will another establishment be allowed to stay open until 4AM . In NYC, the bars close at 4AM and there are hundreds of places to get some food after an all night binge. Anybody who wants that lifestyle should consider relocating.

  5. oh joyce, the north end is primarily a tourist trap with student housing. unless you live on commercial or richmond, the north end is an unfortunate place to live.

  6. @ne rez….if you think this is such an unfortunate place to live why don't you move to another neighborhood?

  7. @joyce…because maybe i live on commercial or richmond or maybe because i can only afford to live in the poor man's beacon hill.

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