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Rowes Wharf Roof Fall Kills Woman, Charter Street Break In, Gassy Narcotics Arrest

Death Incident
A woman fell to her death from top of Rowes Wharf on Saturday afternoon, according to Universal Hub. A wedding was going on at the time.

Additional recent incidents, courtesy of District A-1 Boston Police:

Investigate Property
07/11 – 07/12/15  ~  1:30am – 9:00am
Victim reports she returned home to her Charter Street apartment and found a window open and the blinds up. No property reported missing at this time. The suspect fled the scene but left evidence behind, detectives to follow up.

Drug Arrest
7/17/15, ~ 9:00am
During a patrol through DeFilippo park (Gassy), police officer identified drug activity and arrested of a male suspect from Charlestown.