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Police Blotter: Pharmacy Shoplifting; Laptop Stolen From Vehicle

The following are recent incidents reported by Boston Police District A-1 for the North End / Waterfront area.

Larceny / Shoplifting
10/27/20: 4:02 p.m.
Hanover Street pharmacy reports a male suspect who was being detained at the store stole food items. Suspect to be summoned to court. 

Breaking & Entering—Motor Vehicle
11/01 – 11/02/20: 4 p.m. – 6:30 a.m.
Victim reports on Henchman Street an unknown person stole a Dell laptop from the rear seat of his 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Victim stated he found the doors unlocked and no sign of any vehicle damage.

9 Replies to “Police Blotter: Pharmacy Shoplifting; Laptop Stolen From Vehicle

  1. The report stated the owner of the Jeep found the doors unlocked and a laptop stolen? Sounds like (once again) that the thief found. a vehicle with the doors unlocked. As for CVS they should have a designated time for shoplifters to steal .

    1. I believe the designated time is after the doors open and before the doors close. Sort odd this guy got caught. He must have announced himself somehow.

    2. I have overnight videos (multiple night’s worth) of guys trying car doors directly in front of my house on Endicott St. I send them the BPD Tip Line at #27463.

      1. What I mean by that, they hire scouts. Guys that go around and find likely targets. Could be the street people, just people you would ignore. They turn in targets, which if they score, gives the scout a piece. The thief chooses the best targets and raids it. What that means is they scoure every inch of the neighborhood all the time, morning and night. Empty locked cars are of no value compared to the chumps who leave the car unlocked with a laptop in the back. You make your property a low value risk-reward. Sounds like they are investors? They are, not dumb as you think.

        1. Your right as we sleep there are individuals who roam the streets. A woman was sexually assaulted by a street person on Boston Common. The person who burned a voting ballot drop off box was a street person with mental health issues and Rachelle Rollins policy of letting out people who are doing time or not being able to make bail is the cause of most of these crimes. If I left valuables in a unlocked car I would be too embarrassed to report it. Stupidity beyond belief.

  2. Unlocked car in the North End with a laptop in the back, says temporary corporate rental to me. I know they have some around Henchman. The employer must be thrilled to have the new employee lose their laptop.

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