The Boston Globe is reporting of organized crime activity at the corner of North End’s Endicott & Thacher Streets as part a Federal crackdown on extortion at Rhode Island nightclubs. Although no one from Massachusetts was part of today’s indictment, federal authorities indicated that the New England La Cosa Nostra leadership has shifted from Providence to Boston.

“… alleged Mafia capo Edward (Eddie) Lato is quoted as saying that every time he meets with an unidentified Mafia figure in Boston, it is clear that the man is under surveillance by law enforcement.” … “Lato, according to the new charges against him, allegedly met with a “high ranking’’ Mafia member on May 5, 2011, at the intersections of Endicott and Thatcher streets in Boston. The FBI searched the Boston Mafia associate after the meeting ended and seized $5,000 in cash.”

“Last year, Carmen DiNunzio, who led the Boston Mafia, was imprisoned after he plead guilty to delivering a $10,000 bribe to an undercover FBI agent. DiNunzio operated a cheese store in Boston’s North End on Endicott Street.”

Read the full Boston Globe article.

In a separate incident this August, Boston Police reported raided the social club at Endicott & Thacher Streets where they arrested a man who was buying stolen goods. The raid was in response to reports that drug addicts were repeatedly going to the club to unload illicit merchandise. The sting was part of a series of efforts by BPD to interfere with drug and stolen goods trading.

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