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Burned Car of Andover Murder Victims Found On North End’s Prince St. Was It a Mob Hit?

When the car owned by Andover, Mass. double murder victims, John and Geraldine Mcgee, was found burning on fire in the North End, investigators starting looking for mob connections. Other clues include the type of guns used to shoot the victims in the head before they were lined up head to head in their Andover mansion. Sadly, the bodies of the local real estate developer and his wife were found by their young grandchildren.

The burning 2008 black Lexus was found on December 14th in the area of 126 Prince Street, according to Boston Fire. The fire took about 1/2 hour to put out before the burned car was towed away.

Police have not identified any suspects or a motive for the killing, yet the press has not been shy about making the mob connection. The ABC News video report makes the statement as does RadarOnline, where Boston’s North End is labeled as “a notorious hotbed of organized crime activity.”

The last mob / mafia related incident in the North End was last September when an address on the corner of Endicott and Thacher Streets was named in a Federal crackdown.

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3 Replies to “Burned Car of Andover Murder Victims Found On North End’s Prince St. Was It a Mob Hit?

  1. Irresponsible to call this a "mob related" issue. Why, because the car was dumped in a formerly Italian neighborhood? If it were dumped in Mattapan, would it be deemed a murder over drugs? That would be equally reprehensible.

  2. Havent heard any more info into this killing ,Just because car found in Boston ,doesnt necessitate mob killing Could have been grudge or robbery from punk in Boston dumping car in Boston and taking the mbta to his house ,He could live in Andover for all we know Lets go and get this culprit

  3. @ Jimmy
    The North End is still an Italian neighborhood and always will be. That's why everyone wants to live here!!! And that's why it is the greatest neighborhood on earth!!

    Happy Holidays and Peace on Earth!!
    Stephen Passacantilli

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