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2011 Fisherman’s Feast Opening Ceremonies and Blessing of this Fishing Waters [Video]

Video: Opening Ceremonies of the 101st Fisherman’s Feast in honor of Madonna del Soccorso di Sciacca on August 18, 2011, including the procession to Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park for the Annual Blessing of the Fishing Waters.

The statue of the Madonna is brought out to the public from the Fisherman’s Club and processed through the North End / Waterfront to the edge of Boston Harbor at Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park.

At 6:20 in the video, the opening ceremonies are conducted on a stage at Christopher Columbus Park with the annual blessing of the fishing waters.

The blessing of the fisherman’s fleet goes back to a Sicilian tradition in Sciacca, Italy that was brought over to the North End, back when there actually was a fishing fleet on the North End waterfront in the early 1900s.

Shown below is the former T-Wharf in the North End at approximately the same location as where the annual fishing waters blessing takes place at Christopher Columbus Park. 

Old T-wharf/North End

Photo: Old T-Wharf/North End by Leslie Jones (1917-1934 approximate). Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection. Sourced from the Flickr archives of the Boston Public Library.

More information on the Fisherman’s Feast at

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2 Replies to “2011 Fisherman’s Feast Opening Ceremonies and Blessing of this Fishing Waters [Video]

  1. What an unbelievable video! Brought tears to my eye to see this tradition continuing on with such vigor and enthusiasm. Congratulations to the feast committee!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the Feast via your video! It is almost like being there. In fact it brings one to the best view. Thankyou!

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