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Globe Recounts North End Assaults

After a reported assault a couple of weeks ago in the North End, The Boston Globe’s John Guilfoil listens to the story of last year’s victim from. Both attacks took place around the third week of August.

Suspect Sketch from August 2010 Victim’s Description on Salem St.

This restaurant worker, now 29, is one of at least 10 women who have been attacked by a stranger in the North End during the past five years in a series of assaults, gropings, and sexual assaults that many believe are being done by the same man.

Suspect Sketch from August 2011 Victim’s Description on Garden Ct. & Fleet St.

“The similarities are overwhelming,’’ said the woman, who has since relocated outside of New England. “There’s another girl I know who was attacked a couple years ago. It’s just the same thing: a girl, outside, by herself, and he wanted to get inside her home.’’

City Councilor Salvatore LaMattina, who represents the North End, said in an interview Thursday that he believes one man could be behind the attacks. “It disturbs me. It’s not like this happens all the time, so it could be one sick individual who’s doing this,’’ LaMattina said. “I wish we’d catch this guy, so that the women in the North End can feel safe.’’

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