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Hot Tomatoes Express Files to Open at 227 Hanover Street

Lyndell’s location at 227 Hanover St. to be replaced by Hot Tomatoes Express.

Hot Tomatoes Express has filed for a sandwich shop business license at 227 Hanover Street. This location is the former site of Lyndell’s Bakery.

Hot Tomatoes was previously located on North Street but closed last year. The company also has an operating location on New Bedford Street in downtown Boston.

Given the small footprint at 227 Hanover Street and the “Express” in the name, the new location may be more of a takeout shop.

Via Boston Restaurant Talk

8 Replies to “Hot Tomatoes Express Files to Open at 227 Hanover Street

  1. The North St. location was a great shop with high-quality offerings. Any business that can find a healthy market and keep jobs here in the neighborhood is a plus. That location has been a revolving door for a while, as have a number of others. Let's hope it thrives.

  2. Love the new additions to Salem and Hanover Streets recently in terms of sandwich shops and a new bar. There really aren't a ton of good places to get sandwiches for under $10 bucks that aren't huge subs.

    Wonder why the North Street location went under and has taken so long to remove the signage/get a new tenant?

  3. "Just what the neighborhood needs…..another sandwich shop." If the neighborhood doesn't need it, the business will fail or a competitor will fail. Apparently the owners thought there was enough demand to warrant opening. What the neighborhood doesn't need is a committee or small group of residents telling the rest of the neighborhood "what it needs" As ADG said, aside from Dinos, Il Panino and now Pauil's, there aren't aren't any places to grab a quick sandwich for less than $10. The space they are occupying is probably 150sq ft tops, what else would you like to see open there, a supermarket?

  4. @NE Guy….I am not telling anyone what the neighborhood needs. Merely expressing a personal opinion just like you and everyone else. People can get a sandwich at Go Bananas,, Joe Pace, Monica's Mercato, the Cheese Shop, Mangia Mangia, Theos, White Hen Pantry, Salumeria Italiana, Volle Nole, the Golden Goose, Il Panino Express,
    Does anyone know who is opening the shop…Jeff or the people he sold the place on North St to that didn't last very long?
    Next time grow a set and use your real name when you attack me or anyone else.

  5. jeff/ bank actually closed the north street location & new owner of that building doesn't want a shop there. the group that purchased the 92 bedford street hot tomatoes are opening on hanover street; good guys that will do a nice job at the new location… when do we eat?

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