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Behind the Scenes Video: Boston Harbor Cleanup of Marine Debris by The Boston Harbor Association


Since the year 2000, The Boston Harbor Association (TBHA) has removed more than 240 tons of floating debris from Boston Harbor making it safer for swimmers, boaters and marine life. The 2011 program began this week and TBHA gave observers “on harbor” access to watch the program in action. We also had the pleasure of boating on the all-electric, uber-quiet, harbor water taxi “Unplugged,” based at Rowes Wharf.

2010 Debris Collected by the Marine Cleanup Program (Source: TBHA)

TBHA President, Vivien Li, gave an overview of the program while we followed the TBHA’s contractor, Boston Line & Service, pick up an assortment of debris floating in the harbor. View the video above to see how the debris is collected.

TBHA operates the Marine Debris Cleanup Program with funding from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, Massport, City of Boston and Eastern Salt Company. Boston Line & Service Company is the vendor that spends 8 hours/day, 4 days/week removing 18-20 tons of debris each summer. The 2011 program runs from June 30 through October 7, 2011.

Areas covered by the cleanup program include the Inner Harbor, Fort Point Channel, Chelsea Creek and the Lower Mystic River.

Metal beverage and plastic bottles is taken by Save That Stuff, Inc., for recycling.  TBHA also provides educational materials to boaters, property owners, and the general public in an effort to prevent debris from entering the harbor.

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