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Sarah Palin Tours the North End

The media followed around Sarah Palin today as she visited several North End sites including the Old North Church, Paul Revere’s House and A. Parziale & Sons Italian bakery. Wonder if she stopped at Mitt’s headquarters on Commercial St.?

The Boston Globe’s Michael Levinson posts a video about his experience following Sarah Palin along the Freedom Trail today.

Channel 7 highlights Palin’s remarks in the video clip below regarding Paul Revere’s ride saying that he was warning the British.

3 Replies to “Sarah Palin Tours the North End

  1. Apparently she rewrote history again according to Ch 7 news clip. According to the dingbat, Paul Revere RANG THE BELLS in the Old North to tell the British they couldn't take our arms and we were going to be free with all that bell ringing. HUH?

  2. Joyce you are saying that's not how it happened? Revere range the bells and said "ding dong the king is dead!" Everyone knows that. LOL

  3. Palin's poll ratings are abysmal, even among Republicans, and she is desperate for any publicity at this point. She's a stale joke by now. What kind of people turn out for this moron? She gushes misinformation, malice and ignorance. She's alway bragging about patriotism but obviously doesn't know basic American history or much of anything else. It's disrespectful for her to come to the North End and shoot off her mouth without even knowing – or apparently even caring about – the basic historical facts that any school kid learns. She's still just makin' things up as usual.

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